AZO Complete Feminine Balance™ Daily Probiotic

Ever have one of THOSE days? You know what I mean. Those just not right days..

Well Ive found something that helps me. So many things can throw off your body: stress, your period, sex, hygiene, and even certain medications can disrupt your vaginal pH. AZO, the leader in vaginal health, helps you restore, protect, and maintain a natural balance of good bacteria and yeast to maintain feminine health*.

So if you are needing something to help on THOSE days,,try AZO, you wont regret it.



Have you heard Of Blender Babes?

What planet are you on? They are the most in good eating!! Smoothies are their specialty and boy are they good!

Right now they are having an awesome #giveaway! You got to enter this!!



1 Grand Prize includes (1) Vitamix Standard with Programs (1) Rootz Protein Superfood and (1) Rootz Energizing Superfood – valued at $490 

2 Prizes Include: (1) Rootz Protein Superfood and (1) Rootz Energizing Superfood – valued at $110 each 

So come on,,win ya some!! Im gonna try!!


  • t What a GREAT new Bullet!! Nutribullet Pro!

    How drinking smoothies has changed your life (or someone you love’s life!)

  • well let me tell you about my smoothie story. I love smoothies..they embody everything I love when eating.  Tastes good and good for me. They have changed my whole outlook on food.
  • What your FAVORITE Green Smoothie Recipe is Just spinach and
  • Tightly pack 2 cups of leafy greens in a measuring cup and then toss into blender.
  • Add water and blend together until all leafy chunks are gone.
  • Add mango, pineapple and bananas and blend again until smooth.
  • Pour into a mason jar (or cute cup of your choice).
  • Gulp or sip
  • What changes have you made that have made the biggest impact on your health
  • Just noticing what I actually put in my mouth!
  • Why you want to win this NutriBullet Pro + Superfoods Giveaway
  • I would love to win this giveaway because my blender just isnt as good as it used to be and I think this Nutribulet Pro and I would make a great team!

Smiley 360

I just LOVE this site! I dont know what I can say that would convince you how so very wonderful it is but I am going to try.

Its easy to navigate and has so many opportunities to get things free!! Plus I get to share with my friends!

If you are looking for a good site to get started in  give Smiley 360 a shot..they are


Generation Good

I will be recieving free things and you can too!I have exciting news as a @seventhgen Healthy Baby Home Party host!  You are invited to attend the #healthybabyhome twitter party on Nov. 3rd at 12pm EST.  Follow @seventhgen and #healthybabyhome to learn and share info on raising kids in a healthy environment.   There will be 5 giveaways!  #comeclean #generationgood


Beauty…what can you say about it?

Beauty to one person may only be passable to IS all in the eye of the beholder it seems.

When walking down a street do you ever find yourself looking at others clothes or hairstyles? Wonder how they might look on you? Have you ever walked up to a stranger and asked them where they purchased something they were wearing or where they got their hair done?

Walking with my daughter a few days ago I saw a lady with the exact hairstyle I had been trying to get my stylist to cut mine into. I wanted so badly to ask the lady if I could take a picture but..I just walked away.  If I could have only gotten one pic I know my stylist could have reproduced it. But now..sigh..

My daughter said I should have just taken a picture but somehow that seemed and invasion of that ladys privacy and I told my daughter so. Would you have done it? Do you think it would have been wrong?

I dont know..Beauty..

We ladies and alot of guys these days are so wrapped up in it.. We try so hard to turn back be our best every day. But I dont think that is a bad thing. Actually its a good thing.  Waking up and putting on my make up and fixing my hair..somehow makes my whole day better.

Does it yours?


“Friends of Pfister”

cant wait to try out some amazing products from am awesome company!

Come on and join me in trying Pfister’s newest products!

If you are looking for updating or if you are building you need to check out this brand.

Pfister is quality in a time where so many are just not coming thru..I have tried other companies and have been so disappointed..

Dont be disappointed like me. get yourself a quality that will give you years of use!

Tryazon did it again!

I was asked to have a BetterBody Foods – GET FIT party at my house.

I wasnt all that familiar with this product but know Tryazon as I do I KNEW it was going to be great.

My friends and family are all trying to eat better and exercise..and its so hard!! Hard finding something you actually LIKE to eat and tastes good!

Well BetterBody Foods has done it! everything Ive tried I can honestly say is scrumptious!! And my friends LOVED the items I served them! The peanut butter can be used in so many ways..and its so easy to greasy oily after taste either like with regular peanut butter.

Yes I think BetterBody will be a wonderful new addition to mine and my friends eating.