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My Tryazon Rhodes Bake & Serve Partay!!

When Tryazon first sent me an email invitation to this party i thought “hm..I think this would be fun”

Little did I know just how much!! OMG!! these things are great!! Soft,and yummy with just the right taste..made my whole house smell MAHVELOUS DAHLING!

When my guest started arriving they ALL commented on the scent of fresh baking bread!! i was unable to find the Cinnamon roll, which Im going to make my mission to find!, but the rolls I did find are so universally easy to use..I made just regular rolls..but I also used them to make pigs in the blanket..and oh my..i will NEVER go back to using plain old pop open biscuits again..I don’t think my family would let me anyway!

I WILL be continuing to buy these wonderful rolls..and look on the websites for all he lovely recipes..

All my guests went home happy and full..and loved the coupons so they too could enjoy this fantastic product!!

Thank you Tryazon and Rhodes for choosing me..