Beauty…what can you say about it?

Beauty to one person may only be passable to IS all in the eye of the beholder it seems.

When walking down a street do you ever find yourself looking at others clothes or hairstyles? Wonder how they might look on you? Have you ever walked up to a stranger and asked them where they purchased something they were wearing or where they got their hair done?

Walking with my daughter a few days ago I saw a lady with the exact hairstyle I had been trying to get my stylist to cut mine into. I wanted so badly to ask the lady if I could take a picture but..I just walked away.  If I could have only gotten one pic I know my stylist could have reproduced it. But now..sigh..

My daughter said I should have just taken a picture but somehow that seemed and invasion of that ladys privacy and I told my daughter so. Would you have done it? Do you think it would have been wrong?

I dont know..Beauty..

We ladies and alot of guys these days are so wrapped up in it.. We try so hard to turn back be our best every day. But I dont think that is a bad thing. Actually its a good thing.  Waking up and putting on my make up and fixing my hair..somehow makes my whole day better.

Does it yours?



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