My Tryazon Rhodes Bake & Serve Partay!!

When Tryazon first sent me an email invitation to this party i thought “hm..I think this would be fun”

Little did I know just how much!! OMG!! these things are great!! Soft,and yummy with just the right taste..made my whole house smell MAHVELOUS DAHLING!

When my guest started arriving they ALL commented on the scent of fresh baking bread!! i was unable to find the Cinnamon roll, which Im going to make my mission to find!, but the rolls I did find are so universally easy to use..I made just regular rolls..but I also used them to make pigs in the blanket..and oh my..i will NEVER go back to using plain old pop open biscuits again..I don’t think my family would let me anyway!

I WILL be continuing to buy these wonderful rolls..and look on the websites for all he lovely recipes..

All my guests went home happy and full..and loved the coupons so they too could enjoy this fantastic product!!

Thank you Tryazon and Rhodes for choosing me..

Snuggle #SnuggleSummer

Oh my gosh!1 Have we had FUN with Snuggle bear and #SnuggleSummer!

I LOVE Snuggle so its been a pleasure introducing him to all my favorite spots! And My family LOVES him and Snuggle!

The scent of Snuggle just makes you go AHHHH…!

Everyone loves the soft clean smell of their clothes and sheets..I even get compliments! Yeah me MOM! How great is that??

Everywhere we go we get asked about SnuggleBear..hes like a celebrity! I love talking about the wonderful things he does for my whole house!! The great scent goes all thru my house whenever its wash day..I even wipe my furniture with a cloth dipped in 3 parts water and one part Snuggle!! Oh yeah we are..

A SNUGGLE Bear and SNUGGLE loving family!


I just re assigned to try out a site called Tryazon..I have had parties for them in the past and they are an excellent company! Plenty of product to share and lots of info to distribute so I dont look like an idiot when someone asks me about it!! LOL

One Of my parties was for a brand called Brownie Brittle..let me say one thing about this product..

OMG!! are they good!!

So delicious and I dont have to get my kitchen all hot making brownies myself!! They are just as good as my homemade but they are thin!! Thin but still with that moist brownie middle!

So I invited the fam and a few neighbors over to try them ,,did we have cream and brownies..fresh fruit and brownies..everyone went away with a bag of their very own too!!

See thats what Tryazon is all about..TRY it out to see how awesome it is!!

De Wafelbakkers

I was contacted by email that I was selected as a De Wafelbakkers  #DWBPancakeFanatic !

Imagine my surprise when the next day I recieved a big box of De Wafelbakker goodies!!

The best part is I get to be associated with THE best pancake makers ever!!

Renuzit Pearls Scents

I have got to tell you about these new Pearl Scents from Renuzits!!

I was selected to review and try out these amazing little pearls of scent!

Upon opening your senses are gently blasted with such an amazing smell!

I quickly  told all my friends! They too were intrigued and wanted to know more. I instantly told them I had 2 to give and 1 special one for someone who got the word out the most!

Well they all wanted to join in!

We had a blast competing! The winners were so happy and even those who didnt win wanted to

go out and buy it.